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This course is designed to Fast track you straight in at the deep end within the world of lashing. Sometimes it is the best way right?

You will learn both techniques , Classic lashing and Russian volume lashing. Live model in salon and full day of in-depth theory and practice! All training courses require at home case studies, which will be sent in for further help and guidance going forward to help you achieve your own success in no time!

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What will I


Lash treatments have become a very popular beauty treatment and are now seen as essential maintenance to a lot of clients. Our combination of thorough training and excellent products will give you the best start to your career.

We will teach you how to use synthetic mink individual lashes which are correctly placed onto each natural eyelash to create a bespoke look for each client. Whether they desire volume, length, lift, a natural or glamorous finish, lashes can be tailored to your clients wishes. When applied and maintained correctly, eyelash extensions can be worn continuously with regular maintenance appointments and no need for removal unless your client wishes.