It’s amazing just how much a good eyebrow can really frame the face! Tailor made to suit your individual face, we can add density and create shape, best of all ditch those brow pencils!

Perfect for:

Sparse or no brow hair due to overplucking
Unbalanced brows
If you a want more defined look
To lift the eyes by adjusting the brow arch
Natural or powdered finish

Eyebrow Tattoo

Soft, transparent flush of colour behind the natural brow

Eyebrow Tattoo

Soft yet defined powder finish



From subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancements and eyeliner can dramatically define the eyes creating a smudge free, long lasting look with ease.

Perfect for:

Anyone wishing to add definition to the eyes
Sensitivities to makeup
Anyone who has difficulty applying eyeliner

Lash Line

Soft delicate lash line  enhancement


Lash line

Thickness determined by your natural eyelashes


winged liner

Winged latino liner or shaded winged eyeliner


Lower liner TOGETHER WITH top liner


*Lower liner only at

Eyeliner retouch included

Eyeliner colour Boost upper only £195

Eyeliner colour Boost upper and lower £245


Your lips will look contoured, defined and more shapely.

This procedure will also help reduce lipstick bleed, ensuring that your lips remain perfect at all times! No more lipstick residue on your teeth when you smile, perfect colour when you are dining…

Perfect for:

Adding volume to thin lips
Correcting poor / uneven shape
Adding symmetry
Camouflage scars
Stoping lipstick bleed
Adding colour to enhance lips

Lip tattoo


Lip Tattoo


Lip Tattoo